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Beings from the Land of Crystals

I am (the connector) meeting the Crystal king

Therapist (T)- What is your purpose? Let the king’s words flow through you at this moment.

“Hello Renuka,

This is the crystal king, and we have connected to you today because we wish to contribute to the energies of the earth and revitalize all the beings that are present on Earth at the moment, so that their journeys become clearer and the purposes are revealed.

There are new forms of crystals being formed beneath the earth and these are channelling immense energy from the land I speak from. We are making sure that these crystals are arranged strategically in grids so that each place with a dense human population can absorb the light into their souls and bodies.


Darkness in the human minds

From where we see the darkness in the human minds have come to its extreme. The ones who are working with heavier negative energies also feel very drained now which earlier used to give them euphoria. As they feel drained they are running here and there seeking light, seeking peace and that is what is making them come into the limelight so that their businesses, their deeds are revealed to the world and the world indirectly learns from it. The search that has begun to replenish the earth and the human beings and more and more will understand that it is in the union that they survive instead of destroying one kind to flourish the other.

I, the crystal king, come here with my counsel, to bless each one with more comfort in all the uncomfortable situations they are in. It is time to surrender, it’s time to flow without resistance. As you surrender things will automatically unfold for you, instead of being the defender. Defence is not going to take you anywhere.

Essence of Surrender

Surrender is a word which is very funnily played on this planet, seen as a mark of weakness. However, it isn’t, it is more than just weakness, it is more enlightening. When you surrender you rise above to see all perspectives together and make a decision that is the wisest one. This is how most wise men have proved their intellect to work. It is also time to go deeper into the understanding of surrender, of completely giving in to a given situation or a project without destroying yourself. It is in surrender that you preserve yourself, nurture yourself and you take time out from this unnecessary juggles that you all humans keep doing on this planet.”


T- What are these unnecessary juggles?

These juggles are a source of entertainment for the rest of the Universe. These juggles are your mundane tasks, the things that you keep doing and doing by saying that it is necessary, it has to be done in this manner… It’s just a perspective, just because you like staying in a certain way, you condition everyone around you to be one, and that rises conflicts especially when you start controlling the behaviours of others, demeaning them, this is not surrender.


T- When the behaviour of others control you and it is disturbing you, should one surrender, and if not, what is to be done?

“As I said that it is disturbing you, it means you are fighting against it. That is why it is disturbing you. In a situation when you do not like somebody’s behaviour, the surrender is not to the behaviour, the surrender is to the fight that you put forth, surrender is to walk the path that you believe in without doubting, without doubting, based on the cultural orientations you have.

True Meaning of Surrender

Look above that, look at your larger purpose and then only you will achieve the true meaning of surrender. It is time that each one of you evaluates yourself, it’s time to check how much are your irrational demands whether it is materialistic or emotional or of any other kind. See, how much of it is unnecessary especially the ones keep worrying unnecessarily by just creating the future in their minds and that creation meets their human mind and their human body to panic and they involve all the others, who again do not assess the rationality.

What creates the Ruckus?

Follow the path. We again urge all of you to rise above and have an objective view of the situation you are going through. As you become the part of that flow of unnecessary thought processes, when you do not want to work towards it but still want your desired results, it creates the ruckus. It not only destroys your life but each one that is associated with you.

You affect your children

We the crystals really want you to look into the lives of young children who are beings affected by these behaviours of yours, these life patterns of yours. It is they who suffer, it is they who are making compromises. As a lot of evolved beings are coming they are going to lash all this on your face. So start changing your behaviours, patterns, and approaches to life so that these evolved beings who are at the moment children in your houses and your surroundings have an easier path and can hold your hands and bring to a higher level of consciousness.


We bless each mankind, we bless each being, we bless all the animals also the micro-organisms which are never talked about or are paid attention to, we bless each one, we bless all the forces that are working towards the upliftment of this planet and the solar system.”


T- Covid is also one such Force


Blessings, blessings…”

Gurjot Kaur Inter-Intra Galactic Connector

Renuka Gupta, founder of HART