I am so grateful to have discovered ISOL with Gurjot and it is my pleasure to provide my highest recommendation. Her Purposeful Creation program gave me the knowledge and practices to live life clearly, powerfully and fully. I recommend this course to everyone that wishes to understand life and bring powerful changes to how they show up in this world. I can confidently say that my life is more fulfilling and joyful as a result of taking this course and I can see how the effects of this course will serve me for a very long time in my life. Thank you!

- Ven Virah

There can't be a greater achievement than being able to help yourself at any given point and circumstance.

At ISOL with Gurjot, the journey has been such a beautiful one, with so many self realisations, understanding the potential of ourself as we connect truly with our inner self. It has changed my perception of relationships in so many ways and I am immensely grateful to have taken this journey with someone as patient and warm as Gurjot.

- Neha Bhinder

Gurjot ji is the perfect mentor and honest person to guide you..... If you really want to change your life or understand yourself then Gurjot ji is the perfect person.... She helps you in such a way that you know yourself more and more and your worth too.... I am really grateful and blessed to have her in my life journey.

- Preeti Singh

OK, I am not a Guru or a Mind body healer or a Coach.

Although I have seen my parents taking it very seriously, trust me all of these mediation, yoga, communicating with your body and soul did not matter to me at all until I came to know about it.

I am sharing my experience from the amazing workshop I was obliged to join :

  • I could understand the power of silence.
  • I realized I have the power and capability to enjoy my own company.
  • I could somewhat relate to the fact that what we seek outside in the world is always within.
  • To some extent I could understand what my inner self wants and what makes it happy.
  • All the mediators and not sadhus or yogis, some of them are normal human beings looking for healthy lifestyle.
  • There is always room for some more knowledge as we as human beings are born with huge potential.
  • Our body is an interesting space and we need to know about it first as its y first home. She is a wonderful human being serving lots of people globally- Gurjot Kaur Chandan.

- Anu Mishra

Being the person that I am, I never thought I would ever take up meditation, due to the work timings and other commitment. But during lockdown this year, there was an ample amount of time at hand, and I was introduced to Gurjot by my wife, who convinced me to do a meditation course for a week, and by noticing how much my wife has changed I knew this was going to be worth it all. Despite being a bit apprehensive, I signed up for the workshop and to my surprise I started to feel much better and see things in a different light.

I got to start looking at areas and aspects of my Life, which I had been overlooking all this while.

With the help and guidance from Gurjot, I was actually able to have a more positive outlook towards Life and started becoming more aware of all the things that were truly important but has not been given much thought to.

After the workshop I continued to mediate daily and the impact it had in my personal and professional life was evident.

Things started to shape up, I was more calm and composed in situations where earlier I could have been triggered very easily.

I will never be able to thank Gurjot enough for introducing me to meditation and helping me see Life and situations in a different perspective and help mantain a positive outlook.

Thank you once again Gurjot.

- Gurpreet Bhinder

As a new year gift, I gifted myself Akashic Records. Gurjot as I always keep saying is a very very gifted and has deep connection with the Universe.

Her guidances for me, my family has been splendid.

I find her guidances as a verification to my knowings, but at the same time, most of her guidances are so extraordinary and spot on, things which even I have not known about. she keeps giving new gifts through her messages received from Akashic records.

Thank you Gurjot for making my day beautiful and full of positivity through your messages.

Blessings to you.

- Renuka Gupta

I will endorse Gurjot for her Unique talent of guiding through Akashic Records and have helped me solve the mystery of my past karmas to accept and embrace hurdles of current situations more gracefully.

Thank You Gurjot for the major Milestone of my spiritual Enlightenment.

- Priti Zaveri

Thank you Gurjot, coz your Akashic reading gave me an insight, strength, hope, confidence and a feeling of deep love surrounding me. Thank you my dear.

Thank You Gurjot for the major Milestone of my spiritual Enlightenment.

- Kamalpreet

If I could put 2020, in a nutshell, it would be "self connection". The importance of gratitude is what came to me gradually and I was still seeking more, only to be very lucky to come across Gurjot.

Gurjot is not just, a healer, reader or counsellor, she is a "Lightworker" and truly embodies every aspect of being one.

Personally to me she has been beyond the professional connect, and that is how she is. She will keep motivating you, telling you, reminding you, guiding you, watching you get caught in your web of thoughts and challenges, applauding for you as you overcome them.

As a person I still believe I am a "work in progress" and even though I never have the best words to use for myself, but what I have achieved in a matter of few months is nothing short of a miracle, less cribbing, more patience, more confidence, more acceptance, and a better connection with my own self, a better understanding of what and who I am, more self love.

And be prepared to answer all your questions yourself, because that is the biggest learning, Gurjot will help you to unlock your true potential, by asking you to figure out, and that's when you know that she has given you the tools, how you use them is upto you.

I think everyone should meet her once, she makes you realise Life is not difficult, it is we who choose to make it so, that she is there to help us, if we are ready to commit to ourself.

As we make progress, so do the people who are in our lives, and I have felt and seen my family shift, as I started to become more aware of myself.

Thank you Gurjot, may you keep growing and may you keep doing the wonderful work that you do, to the most kick-ass, weird and beautiful soul I have known ❤️

Love always

- Neha Bhinder