Virtual Clinic

Virtual clinic collaboration


  • Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy,
  • Energy Healing Holistic Clinic ~Amoh
  • Virtual /Online clinic for North America, Asia, Europe, UK, Australia, UAE
  • For those who cannot afford in their country
  • This Clinic globally unites professionals and combines psychotherapy with any of the above modality.
  • Fees range from 25 USD to maximum 88 USD
  • Fees- Canada insurance covering a Psychotherapist

Modalities provided

  • Akashic Reading,1 hour
  • Pranic Healing,1 hour
  • Access Consciousness,1 hour15 min
  • Counseling with Homeopathy Consultation (Online Prescription)1 hour15 min
  • Yoga& Pranayam Consultation, 1 hour
  • Naturopathic& SujokConsultation,Diet combined, 1 hour
  • Past Life Regression,1 hour
  • Hypnotherapy, 1 hour
  • Entity and Lost Soul work,1 hour
  • EnergyCleansing, Salt Lamp Meditation,1 hour
  • Reiki Chakra Therapy, TarotReading , 1 hour