Activating Crystal Placed in the Earth

Messages from the Higher beings

On 17th March'20 I went into deep trance using HART technique where I received a vision and message from the higher beings of this Universe that a crystal grid resembling a triangle has been placed at the centre of the Earth. We need to meditate over it to activate its full potential. Every day, I could see it opening and expand in my meditations. However, I am writing this to document the progress and the help extended by Higher Beings every moment on this planet Earth. (Trance Inducer: Dr Renuka Gupta (PhD), Intra-Inter Galactic Connector: Gurjot Kaur Chandan)

Day 9 (24/03/2020) Day of significant change

I put on a piece of music to build a connection with Gaia/ mother earth.

Took 3-4 deep breaths and was soon connected to my higher self. I saw a female structure, build of soil, plants and flowers came to receive me. She welcomed me with a hug full of warmth and love. Then holding me along, we travelled to various crusts of inner earth and soon arrived at the crystal grid. We both, Gaia 

and I sat in meditative postures and I see other higher beings arriving in the same posture making a circle around the crystal. Together we raise our hands in blessing the crystal to open its true potential. I see the crystal turning from light blue to completely white to golden. Certain layers again opened up showing another triangle crystal inside.

These energies will keep growing on this planet, as many higher beings (who have still not connected to mankind) are working over this evolving earth and its crystal structures. After 10mins I gradually come out of my meditation and find an urge to pen down my meditation experience. It was purely a Divine occurrence.

Day 12 (27/03/2020) while meditating

Visions I saw:

The crystal was at the centre of the Earth. Many healers and meditators (including me), through their hands, were sending loving energies to it. Looking towards the sky, I saw a thick beam of light travelling from the Source/God towards the crystal 

through Higher Light Beings. These Higher Light Beings were sourcing this light energy towards the crystal through them to make it suitable for the Earth.

The Crystal grid:

There are chambers in the crystal grid that are now opening up. The tip of the crystal has now turned into gold and reflects bright golden light. 

Knowing I received:

There is a huge pool of loving, healing energies being showered on the people, animals, birds, plants, living creatures and elements of Earth. I see The Source (God, Almighty) sending brilliant white light (of love) with a tint of golden light through these Higher Beings to help us release fear, anxiety, hatred, jealousy, laziness, control and other lower emotions hindering our growth and acceptance of this new reality of Our world. This is a process occurring every minute. The layers of this crystal are now opening up with the combined efforts of the Meditators, healers, prayers of people and Higher Beings. Now, there is a spread of care and concern for each other. No one is big or small; everyone is trying to help the other through their means. This is appreciated by every being of this Universe. This is further helping this crystal to reach its true potentials and accelerate the shift into a New World with ease.

Hence I request everybody to continue their work of self-realisation and self-actualization. Also connecting to The Source and humanity through prayers and meditations to build a better You, in turn, a better world filled with love and harmony. These experiences are very real and messages are supposed to be shared with you. 

Day 23 (8/04/2020) Meditation:

As usual, I sat for meditation; many visions of earth’s opening crystal were seen. I felt happy and wanted to send more energy for it to become completely activated. However, the light energy that I was trying to call upon would come, surround the earth and go away. I tried calling several times but all seem to rush back. This kept happening for a few days and I couldn’t make sense of it.

In a day, I happened to talk to a fellow meditator, she too experienced the same thing. It was then awareness crept in that it is a New Earth with higher vibrations now. The earth is well energized and can work independently. The crystal is completely activated and looks golden in appearance. She has the power and strength to manage the earth beings and help them in their process of ascension. This made both of us extremely happy and blessed. This was a brief journey of connecting with Mother Earth and Source. More such opportunities will be provided.

Let there be Magic of Love all around.

Gurjot Kaur Chandan

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