The Dance of Infinity

The Dance of Infinity: A Tale of Meditation and Enlightenment

November 2022: A Journey Within

As I embarked on a trip to Goa via Mumbai in November 2022, little did I know that this journey would transcend the physical realms, leading me into the depths of spiritual insights. This is not just a travelogue but a tale of an inner voyage that unfolded in an unlikely setting: the bustling atmosphere of an airport.

In these moments of stillness amidst chaos, I discovered a profound connection with the universe, a meditation experience that unveiled the essence of 'Oneness' within. What follows is a personal account of this transcendent experience, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of meditation and the eternal quest for inner peace.

"You know it

I know it

What our truth is!

Deep inside it feels right

That we all are one with it."

Ahhh!!! These words are flowing like a song from my heart as today in my meditation I experience "Oneness within".

Many spiritual leaders and meditators have discussed their experiences in meditation. They have a significant impact in altering lives and providing guidance. They say that feeling of embodying the genuine essence of life is when you talk about being One with the Universe. The space where the ego self vanishes and the inner light enlarges. You (atma) is merged to the Supreme (Paramatma).

I experienced a similar situation when I sought to meditate while travelling. I located a calm area in Mumbai's crowded airport and sat down to meditate. To stay focused, I put on some music and began slipping into ever deeper realms of meditation. I quickly transitioned from observing my thoughts to feeling calm in my body, losing control of my body but still being aware of the conversations going on around me. I didn't care about their small talk. To my amusement, my body had lost control; I could hear and feel things around me, but I was in a profound state of concentration, progressing into a state of happiness that was one with everything else.

After a period of profound meditation, I noticed the Infinity symbol dancing in front of my eyes. I was aware that I was being healed since my body was receiving more sensations. I had a thought at that very moment that said, "Be one with the divine within, the Light of God" (as some say). I instantly became quiet inside. My space suddenly became illuminated. It appeared as though someone had turned on a tremendously bright lamp in a dimly lit space. This glow began to spread throughout my entire body and even further. Tears were streaming from my eyes as I stood there, alone. It didn't feel different inside, or outside of my body, and I wasn't sobbing. I was at peace in my inner quiet space. There was a sense of Oneness, more tears, and more tears. I had lost track of time, and when I slowly emerged, I felt total serenity, but the blissful sense of rolling tears persisted.

It feels unique. I've learned that it's not only my experience; it's the experience of many others. This is how life is supposed to be for us. And we are all endowed with it. We just stop being the light that we are due to our life's stresses. I implore you all today to stop looking for peace outside; it is already inside of you. You contain the entire cosmos. To get to this expansive consciousness, give yourself permission to see beyond polarities.

Let there be Magic of love all around.

Gurjot Kaur

(Mental Health Professional, Parent-child counselor, Holistic Energy Healer)

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